Birds Add New DL Coach

Just three days after firing defensive line coach Rory Segrest, the Philadelphia Eagles lured Tennessee Titans’ defensive line coach Jim Washburn to run the same position. Washburn spent the last 12 seasons in Tennessee and is highly regarded as one of the best defensive line coaches in the league.

In his twelve seasons with the Titans, his team has ranked 7th in sacks with 474. The Titans also ranked 5th in stopping the run and limited opponents to just over 100 yards per game. He produced five Pro-Bowl players in his time in Tennessee. The numbers back up the fact that Washburn knows his fair share about defense.

The Eagles’ defense has been their achilies’ heel the last few years. They have one of the most profilic offenses in the NFL but just can’t seem to stop teams on the defensive side of the ball. It starts with having the right coach to keep guys motivated. Segrest should’ve been fired after his debacle of a special teams unit rather than promoted to another position. I think that Washburn will run a tight ship and should be much more successful than Sean McDermott was. It all starts with good personnel and the right pickups can go a long way. The Eagles need to make a play for Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. Yes it will be very expensive but the Eagles need a true shutdown corner to pair with Asante Samuel.


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