McNabb to Rams?

There are numerous reports flying around that Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb could be traded to the Saint Louis Rams.  In the proposed deal, the Eagles would acquire the Rams’ 2nd rouund pick (#33) and free safety Oshiomogho Atogwe.  I believe that the Eagles should pull the trigger on this deal.  They receive basically a 1st round pick without as much guaranteed money and the draft choice would allow them to package picks and move up in next month’s NFL Draft.  Secondly, they would receive Atogwe who is a great safety and fills a position of need.  Their current safety opposite Quintin Mikell is newly signed Marlin Jackson.  With Jackson’s injury history, Atogwe would be a major upgrade. 

The Eagles are not going to get a better offer for McNabb.  No teams are going to offer a 1st round draft pick for the aging McNabb.  This is a golden opportunity.  The fact that they can acquire a high caliber safety along with a high 2nd round pick is remarkable.  Andy Reid needs to let McNabb go and the city can move on to the Kevin Kolb era.


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