Shawn Andrews Released

We have tolerated Shawn Andrews long enough.  Andrews is free to “get his Michael Phelps on” anywhere but in Philadelphia.  The Eagles released the two-time Pro Bowler today ending his tenure with the team who drafted him.  Andrews was once a dominant guard and was amongst the top linemen in the NFL.  However, he missed the past two seasons due to his battle with depression.  Don’t get me wrong, Shawn Andrews has a fine offensive linemen.  But, you just can’t continue to roll with a guy who isn’t mentally stable.  The Eagles made the right call.  They did everything they could for the guy.  They signed his brother Stacy Andrews to a lucrative contract last offseason.  Stacy spent most of last season on the sideline and hasn’t full recovered from a torn ACL.  Shawn Andrews has been given everything under the sun.  He got a big contract, the organization’s full understanding, and even his brother on the same team.  Missing this whole season was the last straw.  The Eagles front office couldn’t continue to roll with a guy who isn’t even sure if he wants to play football.  Clearly the right decision was made.


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