It’s Time For A New Direction

Now that all the dust from the Dallas debacle has settled, it is time to reflect on this current Eagles regime. 

The Eagles have been one of the most successful franchises in the NFL in recent years.  They are always competitive and usually make the postseason.  What do they have to show for this success?  Absolutely nothing.  This is why it is time for the Philadelphia Eagles to head in a new direction.

Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid can been together for 11 years.  Reid drafted McNabb back in 1999 and clearly did make the right decision.  After all, the Eagles could’ve drafted Akili Smith or Cade McNown.  McNabb has enjoyed success.  He has taken the Eagles to the NFC Championship 5 times.  He has taken his team to the Super Bowl back in 2004.  But his record clearly speaks for itself.  He is 1-4 in those NFC Championship games and 0-1 in Super Bowl appearances.  He just doesn’t get it done in big games. 

In back to back weeks against a Dallas squad, McNabb just looked dreadful.  He wasn’t aware of the pressure.  He was hitting his receivers.  He just wasn’t getting the job done.  This act is simply getting old.  He fails to perform in clutch situations.  That is why it is time for Kevin Kolb to be the QB of this franchise.

Kevin Kolb has 2 NFL starts under his belt.  One against a good New Orleans Saints football team and the other against a terrible Chiefs team.  Against New Orleans, Kolb held his own.  Yes, he made some mistakes that resulted in turnovers.  But, the defense got manhandled by the Saints offense.  Against the Chiefs, Kolb stepped up and carried his team to victory.  He is the only QB in NFL history to throw for over 300 yards in his first 2 NFL starts.  That is very impressive and could be an indication of what’s to come.

The Eagles need to give this kid a shot.  He is a free agent after the 2010 season and it really is time to see what he can do.  There is no way the Eagles can let Kolb walk via free agency after what they gave up to get him.  Had the Eagles stayed in the first round in 2007 and not traded out, they could’ve had Anthony Spencer.  But they traded him to Dallas and the last 2 weeks he terrorized the Eagles offense. 

It’s simply time for a changing of the guard and this team could use a little shaking up.


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